As I Wish for You, I Wish for Myself

As I Wish for You, I Wish for Myself

Dear Loved Ones,

I wish you a very happy and content day. As I wish for you, I hope you wish for yourselves. I wish wonderful wishes for you all, for all the wishes I wish for you, I wish for myself.

Don’t ever deny the power of wishing.

As I wish for you, I wish for all.

As you wish for me, you wish for all.

As we wish for each other, we wish for ourselves.

Are you confused yet? Is this something that is new to you?

In this Universal realm of Oneness, in reality we are all one. Why do these insights bring awareness to the Oneness over and over again? Because this is the truth. If everyone lived with this knowing, then there would not be any war, loneliness, hunger and separation.

You know this; you have heard it all before.

So with this knowing wish for others, as you wish for yourself. Wish the best for yourself and others will benefit as well. Wish the best for others and you will benefit as well.

Clear and Simple. Easy to do. Easy to declare.

Let us all wish upon a star, for we are all part of the glowing star. Shining ever so bright.

Do we deserve wonderful wishes? YES YES YES

Are we worthy of prosperous wishes? YES YES YES

May the love and light of God and the Universe surround and protect you, your loved ones and the planet earth.

Peace, Love, Joy, Happy Wishes, Perfect Health and May this Holiday season bring all of us closer to experience God’s Blessings in everyway.

With Gratitude,

With God All Things Are Possible

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