My New Job Wishes – I Hate My Job and Wish I Could Quit

My New Job Wishes – I Hate My Job and Wish I Could Quit

Are you one of the many people in this world who hates your job with the strong hope to win the lottery so you can quit? If you are, you are not alone. This is a dream that consumes a lot of our minds day in and day out. It is so hard going to a job you hate and having to deal with your reality at home. Sometimes I hate my job but, I have to remind myself what I have and the economy I am dealing with. Do not quit your job just yet. Hold on and be strong. Try to fight the frustration and take a day off if you must. Try to imagine what your perfect job would be. Sometimes using your imagination can relax you and give you a peace of mind. It can make the worries and stress of work sort of wash away for a period of time. Here is a list of my new job wishes! What are yours?

My New Job Wishes

I wish I had a new job where I could pick my own hours and own schedule. These new hours would revolve around my life and not the place I am working for. Noon to 5 sounds pretty good to me. This way I would not have to see that annoying frown on my bosses face when ever I am running late.

I wish I worked at a place where everyone was my friend and the people below me were a bunch of cute little puppy dogs that obeyed me and loved me each time I gave them attention.

I wish my new job had a waitress or waiter waiting on me through out the day at the companies expense. The menu would include just about everything I love and there would be a large variety of different beers and wine to try.

I wish that my new job had a free limo service. This way when I ever I drink to much at work, I would not have to worry about driving home.

I wish I was the boss at my job and was able to control the profits. This way I could make myself rich and make sure all my co workers were paid what they disserve. My employees would love me and I would feel like a hero everyday of my life.

I wish I had a job that made me feel good everyday. Instead of waking up most mornings dreading the thought of my day. I would feel excited and happy, looking forward to my next daily adventure.

I wish I had a job that was located in Hawaii right next to the beach. Each day after work. I could go to the beach and hang out in the sun watching the surfers, listening to the ocean and feeling that nice warm breeze blow on my face.

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